Below 100:  It’s Not About The Number, The New Normal


It is December 20th and American Law Enforcement has just suffered their 100th Line of Duty Death in 2013.  It is the latest that has occurred since 1944.  For 69 years, the profession has not seen a year like 2013.

It may seem odd to call a program Below 100 and then say that it is not about the number.  Many are fixated on the obvious number.  People say “well you didn’t go below 100” or they say “you think 100 is ok” and a number of other things but the number is not what Below 100 is about.

In April 2010 I sat across a table outside Chicago with several other trainers.  Some you have heard of and some you haven’t.  They all had and still have one mission in mind:  To do whatever it takes to make law enforcement safer.

It has been well documented what I said but I made a statement that if law enforcement officers would just focus on a few things that we would get line of duty deaths to below 100 a year.   Dale Stockton and Law Officer Magazine took that statement and launched what we now call Below 100 but I didn’t just make up that number.

During my career I had watched as we lost, on average, 165 officers per year.  I noticed that many of them were being killed in circumstances that did not have to occur.  No one takes the job to die without a seatbelt, without a vest, or in a single car crash.  As Stockton often says: “It’s about the low hanging fruit.”  I did the math. Eliminate those issues, I thought, and we were at least below 100.  I believed it then and I believe today.

Below 100 is about a new normal and the program was born out of a normal that was not acceptable.  We averaged over 240 deaths a year in the 1970’s and we did not accept it.  We averaged over 184 in the 1980’s and we didn’t accept it and for the last two decades we had remained stagnant with around 165.  We stopped seeing our LODD going down.  The trend had stopped and it was time to find a new normal.

I’m not sure where that normal lies but I believe what we have seen the last two years is no coincidence. I’m not sure whether the new normal is 115, 101 or 90 but I know it’s much lower than what we have seen for two decades.  We have only touched a fraction of America’s heroes with the Below 100 Message and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.

On this day, December 20, 2013, I ask you to join our efforts.  Go to and find a trainer class.  If you don’t see one in your area than schedule one at your agency.  Don’t wait on the training.  Download our posters,  pass out our articles, talk to those around you and do all you can to reach the new normal.

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Captain Travis Yates is the Past President of ALERT International and the Director of Ten-Four Ministries. He co-founded Vest For Life Inc. that has given away over 4,200 ballistic vests to police officers in need and is a lead instructor with SAFETAC Inc. He was a founding member of the Below 100 Initiative in 2011 which strives through a series of articles, classes and “train the trainer” courses to reduce line of duty deaths in America to below 100 per year.



  1. Below 100 is working. 2013 is a successful year with ANOTHER reduction in LODDs. The culture is changing. Firearms and vehicle related deaths dropped. Do your part, follow the tenants, lead by example, be part of the greatest change in LE. Make difference, save a life, change the culture!

  2. Below 100 is an initiative that must be learned, practiced, enhanced, and repeated. Travis, is so right. It is NOT about the number. It is about saving lives through training, education and more importantly, saving families from devastation. Thank you to all who are involved in Below 100 all your efforts are so greatly appreciated.

  3. The reduced numbers represent an important trend across the country. Finally trainers, supervisors, and management are seeing the value and results of officers taking personal responsibility for their contribution to officer safety. Presenting a different method of training encourages street cops to be aware of officer safety with regards to vehicle safety in a different light. Until recently, slowing down and wearing a seat belt were not a part of officer safety. Something so simple yet so rewarding. It won’t be long before Below 100 is changed to Below 50. Those days are close. The people who will appreciate this training are the families of officers who come home at the end of their duty assignment.

  4. Well said then Travis and well intoned today!

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