Below 100 Training Tips

Hot weather can be deadly. Hydrate frequently to prevent problems. And remember that regardless of the heat, body armor is NOT an option.

Have you practiced off-hand shooting AND reloading? Smart cops practice reloading one handed. It’s tricky but can be done effectively if practiced!

Submit Your Training Tip

“Chief, I attended my first ever below 100 training class today. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect with a four hour block of instruction on something as simple as wear your belt, wear your vest, and slow down. I’ll say I was pleasantly surprised. What a good class and I am glad that you require all of your men and women to go. Every academy in the country should have these guys come out and teach this class. Anyway, just wanted to shoot you an email to say thank you.”

From an Officer to his Chief, Received August 28, 2013